Core Values

  • Trust in God and Self
  • Hard Work & Persevering Attitude
  • Discipline
  • Compassion and Commitment to the Young
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Passion for Excellence

Trust in God and Self

When we believe that trust is at the heart of spirituality then this will help us to achieve self knowledge and discovery. We can discover that we deserve love and we accept that God loves us unconditionally. In this discovery we find that life ultimately is trustworthy. Self knowledge and true transformation are found once we pledge ourselves to what some call ‘innate trust’. This type of trust is based on the belief that if we live mindfully and live according to our values even through difficult situations. Innate trust is a vital component in feeling connected to others, be it a partner, friend or family. Innate trust allows us to love selflessly. This trust allows us to trust the core goodness of these people in our lives. They may hurt and disappoint us as we are all human. This trust is not based on a transactional outcome. If we approach life with an attitude of trust and to avail of the resources we were given to guide us, here we mean the resources from our own soul and from God, then we will navigate our way through the periods of darkness and fog in our lives.

Hard Work & Persevering Attitude

It's not just the hard work alone that matters but perseverance is the key to succeed in life. Because there will be times in life when even after investing hours of hard work we won't get the results. It is during those times that we can easily lose hope, and give up. This is where the magic of 'perseverance' will keep us going! We never know, we might have decided to give up, when we are just one step away from our dream. So, whenever we feel like giving up, we need to remember - Perseverance in the hard work we do after we get tired of doing the hard work we already did.

Compassion and Commitment to the Young

Our vision is to make our College the best place to grow up. A place where one feels welcomed and where all the students can access all the opportunities and support they need. In order to thrive and achieve their full potential, young people need learning environments which are safe, nurturing, respectful and free from fear, abuse and discrimination. Being compassionate to all has a fundamental role to play in ensuring that all of us working with young people remain committed to our responsibility to support their health, wellbeing and all round development. This can be achieved through embedding positive relationships and behavior approaches to prevent harassment in and across learning communities.


Discipline determines the best course of action regardless of our desires. When we exercise discipline it translates, more substantial elements of our life. It provides us with rules to live our lives efficiently and effectively. When we have discipline in our life we can make small sacrifices in the present for a better life in the future. It creates habits, habits make routines, and routines become who we are daily. The habits and daily disciplines we create will eventually determine who we become. The gift of self-discipline is that it has the power to take us beyond the reasoning of temporary emotion to freedom. The combination of love for something with the willingness to do what it takes to practice it – discipline – results in freedom.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are characteristics that we seek to develop to help us look at the world in new ways and form ideas to improve or add to it. They are active characteristics, meaning they have to be used deliberately in order to create something beneficial or authentic. Creativity serves to express an idea or concept, while innovation seeks to solve an issue. Creativity and innovation are important because they allow the world to grow, develop and change over time. Innovation cannot happen without creativity, and creativity is insubstantial if it's not applied. They are both integral to the progression and advancement of human civilization as we think of new ways to express our ideas and cultivate those ideas into innovations that make society safer, healthier and more accessible. Creativity and innovation have benefited society via invention.

Passion for Excellence

The Passion for Excellence will help the young people discover their intrinsic ability to manifest the life they want. The purpose of the Passion for Excellence is to prepare the young people to take their next step in life, with excellence. It helps to commit to winning in life. We would like the student community to be surrounded by young people who genuinely want to succeed in life. It will also create clarity about what they want in life and the tools to achieve it. When they are in pursuit of excellence, they handle changes with less stress and overcome obstacles which come on their way.