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  • Vision And Mission


Inspired by the compassionate love of the Almighty, and fundamental human values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, are committed to the creation of an educated, ethical, and prosperous society where equality, freedom and fraternity reign by imparting higher skilled education to poor and rural youth mainly of the 13 states of North India, which enable them towards integral human development


In the field of Higher Education, we are committed to

  • Academic excellence
  • Healthy standards in extracurricular practices
  • Social relevant research
  • Courses leading to employment and entrepreneurship
  • Continuous progress of the institution

Socially, we work towards

  • Serving preferentially the underprivileged, rural and migrant youth
  • Educating them to social consciousness of rights, responsibilities and social transformation
  • Rooting out social evils, building communities
  • Promoting total literacy, education and development of the neighbourhood

Spiritually, we aim at

  • Integrating ethical, cultural and political values
  • Developing a sense of the Divine present in nature and in the human person
  • Done by means of group activities and personal guidance, in a family atmosphere

In this way, we are ready for every good work in collaboration with the government and people of good will, to create a society worthier of human beings’ inclusive society